English Language Exercises for Special Needs Students


A Homophone is a word with the same sounds as another word, for example: sun and son.
Write the correct word in each of the spaces provided.

Q1.  I
  the ball high in the air. (through ; threw)

Q2. I got all my exercises . (right ; write)


Q3. There are seven days in a . (weak ; week)




Q4.   There was a lot of traffic on the . (rode ; road)

Q5.   The sky was a deep colour. (blew ; blue)  
Q6.  We will you in the basketball game. (beat ; beet)  
Q7.  Did you the book? (buy ; by)  
Q8. Did you a noise? (hear ; here)  
Q9.  It took him a full to finish his homework. (our ; hour)  
Q10.  I did not Fair City on television. (see ; sea)         


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