Students use sophisticated mobile phones, social networking sites and interactive video games effortlessly. These technologies are the tools of their world. Many students are already familiar with the variety of technology used in this website. Students will be encouraged and motivated by the relevant multi media.

  The range of applications should suit a variety of learning styles. Considering the constructivist theory of learning students are encouraged to take control of their own learning, finding information using direct links and a customised search engine.

  Using the Internet students can add to the information already presented. There are games that reinforce knowledge and skills.

  The inclusion of the Leaving Certificate Coursework blog enables students to share knowledge and discuss problems, developing a community of learning.

The development of this resource, in conjunction with other resources, will support and encourage learning in the class and at home.

  I constructed the website following design guidelines and considering accessibility. This is a dynamic project and I would appreciate any comments that would improve this resource and support our students learning.


  Máire O’Hagan
(Member of the Association of Teachers of Home Economics (ATHE))


First created December 2007 by M O'Hagan. Last update 7/11/2010

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