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You must complete all e-tivities ( activities) in order.


E-tivity 1



E-tivity 2


E-tivity 3


E-tivity 4


E-tivity 5


E-tivity 6




E-tivity 7
Good & Evil


E-tivity 8
The Legend


E-tivity 9
Write a legend


E-tivity 10
Read 'new ' Legends


Etivity 1 - Welcome

Click here      to reply to this message giving your

First name

Class/ Grade /Group


School Email address

Say 'hello'to others in another language

Click here to see all the participants in this project.





Etivity 2 - Names

Did you check to see who you are working with ?      


What is the most common (popular)boys name and girls in your class?

What is the meaning of this name ? [more....]
                  Do you know the meanings of any (3) Irish names ?            
Click here to find out more about Irish names.


Click here   to send your results.
[Subject = Names]





E-tivity 3 - Characters

1.Can you describe yourself in three words ?

2. Send your first name and your three (3) character traits .

3. Also describe your favourite Disney character in three (3) words.

Pumbaa    Tigger   Timon

4. If you could be any 'book' character for a day, who would you be and why?

5. Send your results here

[Subject = Character Traits]



Etivity 4 - Animal characters


Did you check the character traits page . Are you included ?

Read ' The Princess and the Frog ' here

An evil witch has cast a spell on you and you have become an animal.
What animal are you - and give one reason why you chose this animal.

Send your results here
[Subject = animal]



E-tivity 5- Magic Spells

 1. Check out the animals page .

2. Read ' Cinderella   '

3. If you had a magic wand or magic dust what 'good' magic would you do ?

4. What ' naughty ' magic would you do ? [ no violence or death please !]

5. Send your suggestions here  

                                     [Subject = magic]         



E-tivity 6 - The Setting

1. Check out the magic spells page.


2. Imagine you are marooned on a desert island.

3. The battery is about to fail on your mobile phone !!

4. Text me what you can see, hear, smell, touch.

5. Can you see hills or mountains, streams or rivers, jungle or outback ?
                  What buildings can you see ?                                       
Are there any natives ?

Text here




Etivity 7 Good Vs Evil

Check out the    'setting'  page

                            Name three (3) evil characters from some of the
                             books you have read.


       How were they evil ? What did they do ?
What happened them in the end ?



Send your top three ' evil ' characters of all time here.
Subject= [evil]

Don't forget to say why they were evil and what happened to them.



Etivity 8 - Exploring the Legend

Check out the top 10 evil characters of all time


Read 'Oisin and Niamh'      and     'The King's Secret'


 Read again    'The Salmon of Knowledge'    and
' Cuchulainn' .

       Do they have the any similarities ?


                    Fill out this sheet and send it here.








E-tivity -9 - Write your own legend

A local newspaper is willing to pay €500 for the most entertaining new legend for its weekly column. Can you and your team of reporters complete the task ?

Stop ! Did you find the similarities? Reply to your partner school .


The Editor is looking for an introduction (50 words)
4 paragraphs (4 x 70 words) and an ending. (50 words)

You have 6 weeks to complete the task
Good Luck !

Task 1 - Click here

Post Introduction here Subject = [intro] View Introductions
Post Paragraph 1 here Subject = [ Par 1] View Par. 1
Post Paragraph 2 here Subject = [ Par 2 ] View Par. 2
Post Paragraph 3 here Subject = [ Par 3 ] View Par. 3
Post Paragraph 4 here Subject = [ Par 4 ] View Par. 4
Post Ending here Subject = [ End ] View Endings


E-tivity 10 - Read some 'NEW' legends


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  2. b
  3. c
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